Fuse8.CMF is free open source Content Management Framework based on Microsoft .NET 4.0, MVC 3.0

The CMF is free and open source. Feel free to use the CMF and improve/fix it for your own site or sites of your clients, just keep the Fuse8 copyright in the admin area and do not fork or develop your own CMF (or any kind of publicly available framework / module library) based on Fuse8.CMF. In other words: all your modifications/improvements shouldn't be public. Fuse8 Group Ltd owns the right to develop the CMF further. Drop us an email though, if you'd like to contribute a bugfix or new feature.

If you need a CMS which you want to have full contol of...  if you want to work with the latest Microsoft .NET frameworks... and you don't need any ready-made modules (such as Blog, Forum, e.t.c.) which usually cause pain, blood and tears while being adopted to client needs... Fuse8.CMF is your choice. It is stable and mature enough... and it is OpenSource! So you have full control while delivering value to your clients.

If you have .NET MVC skills - you can develop any functionality you need while having all the basics (Pages, Media, Users, Content Types management and API) out of the box with Fuse8.CMF.


19th of February 2014 - Feedback from some developers working with CMF: We spent a lot of time setting up the CMF properly, because we didn't make the user specified in the database connection string to be db_owner. Please be aware that the user should be db_owner for CMF to work correctly.

20th of January 2014 -
The critical bug in the Sample site spotted on 17th of January is fixed now. We've updated the 'DOWNLOADS' section with the fixed archive of the sample site. Please note that this required the release of v1.6.1 of the Fuse8.ContentManagementFramework.dll. Therefore the archive and the release are renamed accordingly.

17th of January 2014 -
We've also spotted that Content Types functionality is broken in the v1.6.0. After the creation of a content type you are not able to create content items (YSOD). This will be fixed within two weeks. Apologies!

16th of January 2014
- We've spotted two major issues missed in the Sample site uploaded on 10th of January.
1. The mandatory content type PageContent was accidentally deleted from the database right before the release causing YSOD when trying to add a content block into a page.
2. 'uploaded_files' folder was accidentally deleted from the site root folder right before the release causing YSOD when trying to upload a file into the Media section.
Both issues are already resolved in the latest downloadable archive (Fuse8.CMF-Release-1.6.0-2014-01-16.zip). New corrected *.bak file provided and uploaded_files folder created.

10th of January 2014
- The sample site based on Fuse8.CMF v1.6 is added to the downloads section.

30th of December 2013 - The manual for v1.6 of Fuse8.CMF is added as a recommended download (please check the Downloads section).

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