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When you create new page - Parent page Id is sometimes PublicPAgeId and sometimes UniquePageId


When you create new page - Home is preselected as a parent page.
If you look at the page source - Unique Page Id is specified.

If you click on the 'Browse' button and select "Home" again - Public page Id will be set.

One of the above is wrong. Needs investigation.
Closed Jul 23, 2015 at 12:36 PM by SergeiP
It worked Ok before because there was always a revision for every page where PageId=PublicPageId. I.e. the very first revision of a page.
But since on some projects we started to clean up the old page revisions to reduce the amount of records in Pages and EntityRevisions tables to quickly spead up the site - we started to get errors when page without the initial revision is specified as a parent. I checked both the Add action in the CmsPage controller and ChangeParent action and since all the stored procedures expect unique page ids passed as a parent page id - it was easier to ensure that Unique Page Id is used everywhere and not the Public Page Id.

I've done this with the changeset: